We provide efficient, full-service mortgage enforcement solutions with an innovative approach:


We recognize that every lender faces unique challenges when their mortgage is in default. We offer flexible mortgage enforcement services tailored to the specific needs of each client, to keep costs to a minimum.


We manage the full mortgage enforcement process, from delivering demand letters, issuing Powers of Sale, obtaining Judgement for possession, sale of the property and distribution of funds.


We take a proactive approach to mortgage enforcement that focuses on protecting the rights and interests of lenders. We’ve developed a streamlined mortgage enforcement system to ensure our clients quickly get the results they expect.


Our team of mortgage enforcement professionals has the diligence and specialized skills needed to identify the most effective enforcement methods for each individual case, to yield the highest recovery possible for the lender.

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Mortgage Enforcement

Tailored End-to-End Mortgage Enforcement Solutions

The ability of lenders to enforce the terms of their mortgages is a central tenet of the real estate industry. When a borrower defaults on their mortgage obligations in Ontario, the lender is faced with a variety of potential remedies. Determining the best course of action can be overwhelming and requires in-depth knowledge of Ontario’s mortgage rules and regulations.

Scalzi Professional Corporation offers the support lenders need to recover their investment quickly and effectively. We provide full-service mortgage enforcement solutions tailored to each lender’s unique circumstances. We protect the rights of all types of lenders, including individuals, small businesses, corporations and financial institutions.

Our team of qualified professionals is skilled at navigating provincial laws and regulations. We have access to a broad network of real estate professionals who support our comprehensive and creative solutions to complex mortgage issues.

Scalzi Professional Corporation will see your dispute through from start to finish. We offer quick, effective mortgage enforcement services, including:

  • Issuing demand letters
  • Drafting statements of claim
  • Obtaining Judgement and Writs of Possession
  • Filing Writs of Seizure and Sale
  • Correcting title problems
  • Securing and managing property
  • Managing property sales
  • Filing claims with mortgage insurers
  • Collecting mortgage deficiencies
  • Obtaining sale proceeds
  • Issuing garnishments
  • Conducting Judgement Debtor Examinations

About Us

Scalzi Professional Corporation: Experts in effective mortgage enforcement

Scalzi Professional Corporation is a leading Ontario mortgage enforcement law firm. Based in Toronto, we specialize in representing individual lenders, small businesses and “B” lenders, to protect their interests and recover their assets. Our practice focuses specifically on mortgage enforcement and litigation, with a part of our practice devoted to general civil and commercial litigation disputes. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who deliver efficient, creative solutions for our clients. We are a boutique firm offering industry-leading legal services.

About Carmine Scalzi

Carmine Scalzi is an accomplished litigation lawyer who has acted in a broad range of civil and commercial disputes since being called to the bar in 2006. He has appeared before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Landlord Tenant Board and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Carmine offers wide-ranging legal expertise in the fields of commercial and civil litigation, while his practice focuses primarily on mortgage enforcement matters.

Prior to his call to the bar in 2006, Carmine spent nearly a decade as an entrepreneur in the construction and technology sectors. This extensive experience allows him to develop creative, effective and efficient solutions to his clients’ litigation disputes and mortgage enforcement needs.

A graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School (LL.B. 2005), Carmine is a member of the Advocates’ Society and the Canadian Bar Association. When he’s not advocating for the rights and interests of his clients, Carmine cooks in his spare time, with a special interest in rustic Italian dishes. He takes particular pride in his pasta carbonara.


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